Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beginning stages...

There's no formal date, or place reserved, but I've got ALOT of ideas. I've set an amount of which I think would be feesible to have the wedding we want, make it special, make it ours and not go overboard. So while nothing is set in stone, i'm off and running with ideas on how to save costs in one corner to maybe add to another corner of the budget.

So far we are planning to rent a house in Frisco, NC (Hatteras/OBX) in late April/Early May 2010. Our friends and some family would be invited to stay in the house we rent, were we also plan to do the ceremony and reception as well as the rehersal and dinner. I'm thinking we will probably keep the guest list at around 50-75 to keep things simple and within our budget. Keep your fingers crossed. I may end up having to sacrafice a few things in order to just feed my guests, but i'm hoping that won't happen.

The color scheme I'm thinking of going with is Navy & White with touches of ivory/champagne. I'm hoping to incorporate knobby starfish, hydreangeas, white Christmas lights and FUN!!!!

Off to read up on some more cost saving ideas!