Friday, July 17, 2009

DIY Pashmina Saying

I saw this great idea when thumbing through a friends wedding pictures! My thought is to purchase about 10 or so pashmina's in blue and white, tie them with a bow and place them in a basket at our reception site with this sign. I'm just starting my DIY paper projects and wanted to start with something simple! I think it came out great. And there is finally a cohesive feel starting to run through my ideas and completed projects.

DIY Unity Candle

This was one of the first DIY projects I added to my list. The price of unity candle sets are outrageous! I purchased the pillar candle and two tapers from my local craft store and with a coupon all three came to under $5.00. I had my amazing knottie monogram maker Jill rework the monograms she origionally designed so that it would work better. I then printed the monogram on vellum paper, cut it to size, added some bling and, using glue dots, sealed it to the candle. I then used ribbon to frame it out. I don't think the picture does it justice! When all was said and done, I easily did this project for under $10.00, which I would guess saved me about $20.00.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Foster Puppies!

We are crazy, I know, but a good crazy. Okay, so really it is me who is the crazy one. We got an urgent call from the girls who run the rescue organization that we adopted our younger dog, Foley from. They needed foster homes for a little of 7 puppies. I was all over it! We showed up to pick up our one forster pup and headed home with two, a brother and sister. This was a week ago this past Saturday. We already have two dogs, a yellow lab and a chocolate lab/mix. She is 12 and he is 1.5 years respectively. They weren't too happy, but the puppies were adorable, kept me busy and were eventually loved by all in the house! Ethan was adopted this past Friday and Ashley last night. They have both ended up with great forever homes and I am just thrilled. And yes, we will total foster again, it was an amazing experience.

Flower Girl T-Shirt

I am so in love with this project! My neice Molly is our flower girl and she will be 4 at the time of the wedding. It is so important to me that she feel included in our wedding party and that she feel like one of the girls. My plan is to make t-shirts or tank tops for my girls to wear while getting ready, so I decided I would make one for Molly as well.

The pink t-shirt was purchased at a local craft store, as well as the rhinestone iron transfer. Total cost for both was $4.39. You can't beat that. I was unsure at first since I had never done anything like this. I read and reread the directions, washed the t-shirt and plugged the iron in. The t-shirt looks AWESOME! I am so excited about it and can't wait to see her little face light up.
It was really easy, and the end result is so great, I would absolutely reccomend this to everyone. And with a coupon, it could be even more affordable!