Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Foster Puppies!

We are crazy, I know, but a good crazy. Okay, so really it is me who is the crazy one. We got an urgent call from the girls who run the rescue organization that we adopted our younger dog, Foley from. They needed foster homes for a little of 7 puppies. I was all over it! We showed up to pick up our one forster pup and headed home with two, a brother and sister. This was a week ago this past Saturday. We already have two dogs, a yellow lab and a chocolate lab/mix. She is 12 and he is 1.5 years respectively. They weren't too happy, but the puppies were adorable, kept me busy and were eventually loved by all in the house! Ethan was adopted this past Friday and Ashley last night. They have both ended up with great forever homes and I am just thrilled. And yes, we will total foster again, it was an amazing experience.

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