Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have a few oopsies!

1. I didn't even notice that I spelled my OWN name wrong on our engagement party invites. OOPS. But it's okay because I didn't have them printed on the right medium, so they are currently being reprinted.

2. My other major Oops is that I haven't posted a new blog. OOPS! I was out of town, under the weather and overwhelmed.

Update on letter painting project. I broke out the recipets for it, and it totalled 3.77! Talk about a budget DIY project. It's been a little time consuming and I still need to do one more coat of paint on the naked wood letters, but they look good and I'm pretty happy with the effort. I'll post final pics when I'm done, hopefully after this weekend.

On a wedding related front, I've ordered some samples from cardsandpockets.com for my possible DIY invite project. I will probably order the envelopes from them for the engagement party as well!

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