Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How To Create Monogram Stickers

One of my brilliant ideas for our Save The Date's was to make a sticker using our monogram that was created by a fellow, fabulous Knottie Jill! I was beyond pleased with the results and will be using them as the seal for our Save The Date's.

Material's Needed:

Monogram in .jpg format
Photo Paper
Computer & Printer
2" Round Craft Punch
Xyron 2/5" Sticker Maker

The first step is opening word and inserting your monogram. I resized mine to just about 2". I then cut and pasted as many as I could fit on 1 page. As you will see in the picture below it was about 3 column's worth. Second, I printed them on glossy photo paper. I then allowed them to dry/set overnight to avoid any smudging or smearing. Using my 2 " Round craft punch I punched out all the monograms and then ran them through my Xryon machine and Poof! I have beautiful stickers of my monogram.

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