Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Paw House Inn

It's apparently a day for the dogs. FI and I were lucky enough to stumble on the most incredible place ever. The Paw House Inn!!! They have two locations, both in VT, and it is the best place to go if you are a dog owner and want to vacation with your dog. Both Casey and Foley loved it and it solved a huge dilema for us! The staff are great, we were treated well, the place was clean and they even had biscuits for the dogs.

They operate on "No Dog Left Behind" as their motto. And it's true. The dogs are allowed to stay in the room with you, and allowed to be in the Inn, just not the dining room. When you leave and can't bring your dog with you, they allow you to bring your dog to their onsite kennel to stay while you are out, where they can even watch TV!

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