Friday, September 10, 2010


A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be in the vicinity of Georgetown Cupcake. Thank you to tips from friends, I knew to order in advance so that I would not have to wait in line. The store was a hop skip and a jump from the hotel I was staying at in Arlington, so I placed my order to be ready on Sunday morning and picked them on my way out of town.
There was a line a mile long! So I am glad that I pre-0rdered. I simply told the girl at the door I had pre-ordered, walked in, gave them my name, out came my bag with this fabulous box in it and off I went. Pre-paid! WOOHOO! The store was bustling, the energy was sugary and one of the owners was even there!

I had to drive in the car with these babies for over 6 hours. SIX HOURS. SIX LONGGGG HOURS. I was thinking crazy thoughts... ie: if i got pulled over I'd offer the officer a cupcake. I also picked up our newest addition to the family that day in Philly (Gutter our kitten). Oh, the temptation.

Don't they look amazing!!!!

Okay Here is the run down of what we got:
Above: on the top right: Cherry Cheesecake Cupcake, PB Fudge below, Coconut Chocolate on the bottom right. On the top left: Chocolate 2, Red Velvet, Milk Chocolate Birthday.

Above: to the right: Carrot, Vanilla & Chocolate, Lava Fudge. To the left: Coconut, Strawberry, Cherry Cheesecake Cupcake.
I was able to bring them home and refrigerate them. When ready to eat, bring to room temp. YUM. You can also freeze them.
My favorite: Cherry Cheesecake.
I almost ordered a whole dozen of them after my first bite.

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