Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flower Hair Clip DIY!

I bought a white rose and white peony at Michael's Crafts, cuts the stems as flat and as close as I could. I put some hot glue on the flower and then some on the little clips and pressed together and viola! Not bad for under $5.00 total! The clips aren't large but are pretty tight and hold in my hair really well. Overall, I'm really pleased with the outcome. I most likely will not be wearing one the day of the wedding, but maybe for another wedding related wedding event or two, I'll just have to wait and see what my personal stylist (Sean) has to say.
Next time flowers are on sale, I may pick up a few more to get some different colors and styles and see how they look. I've got a whole bag of clips left and an endless supply of hot glue.


Tracy said...

Thanks for posting this. I made a DYI hair clip as well, but the clips I got weren't strong enough. Did you buy your clips at Michaels as well?

Cristina said...

I ordered mine off Ebay actually, from a seller that specialized in hair clips, ribbons and stuff used to make hair clips. They are small, but are very strong, which is what I was looking for.