Monday, May 4, 2009

Cookies? Cake Mix? YUMMY!

Last week I was asked to make some desserts for my nephews Baptism. I had already had one recipe in mind, knowing that it would be 90 degrees out, sunny and hot and should avoid chocolate. I was going to attempt Lemon Crisp Cookies. At the food store browsing the baking aisle I stumbled upon the Funfetti cake mix box which had a recipe for funfetti cake mix cookies! Genius! I would make two different kinds of non-chocolate containing cookies from cake mix. One from Lemon cake mix and the other from Funfetti.

Both came our really good, had the taste and slight consistency of cake, but in the wonderful shap and size of a cookie. I will defiantely be adding both recipes to my repitoire! The kids loved them and I'm sure the parents appreciated the fact that they didn't have sticky, griming chocolate hands all over the house! Above is the picture of the funfetti cookies and below is the lemon crisp cookies, which use rice krispies!

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