Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Pod What? RECEPTION!!!

My entire life has centered around music. As a kid I grew up with the music of my parents and of course traditional children’s music. Which, at the time my parents were listening to anything from The Beach Boys and The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and Rod Stewart. Traditional Children’s music for my generation was Puff the Magic Dragon, and the theme song to Fraggle Rock. As I grew older, I went through all the phases. Madonna, New Kids on the Block, Criss Cross, well you get the idea. My earlier influences however, bred me to enjoy almost any music that I heard. I love it all! From Bluegrass to Dance, from Hard Rock to Country, from Soft rock to Classical, from Jazz to Rap.

Fast forward to my life as a 29 year old music lover planning my wedding. I’m one of those people who has clear memories of the music that was planning at the time of significant events. I can barely remember what I did yesterday, but I can tell you what song was playing during a particular event in my life. My dream career would be to set the soundtracks for movies of TV shows. Music is so much more than just background noise, it can be the defining theme through out ones life. As I plan what is supposed to be the biggest day of my life, I am tasked with what to do about music.

We are planning a destination wedding on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A tiny, sleepy, little hang out for people who truly love the beach, the ocean, fishing and relaxing. The location itself would set the tone of the event. Our wedding day and the days surrounding are so much about us, and our families and friends and the location that having just the right music will only enhance everyone’s experience.

I had wonderful visions of a Steel Drum Band playing during our cocktail hour which would take place by the pool, but there is no wiggle room in our budget. There wouldn’t be a steel drum band, or any band for that matter or a DJ. We have decided to go the route or many before us and surely many after us. We will be having an IPod Reception!

What does this mean you ask? It means I will undertake the task of creating play lists for each segment of the wedding day, as well as the welcome dinner and of course music for while we are getting ready. I will compile all of the music from various sources, upload it on my I Pod in very clear, separated files and we will plug that baby in and with some guidance of a friend, have our music.

Only there are a few problems, I don’t own an I Pod. GASP! No worries, I will either borrow one, or gift one to myself before the wedding. We’ve got time! It’s still a little over a year away. In fact, I have already begun the monumental task of creating lists of songs I want or don’t want. I’ve already created a file on my computer, “Wedding Songs”. I’ve even started to clear the local library’s inventory of Music. You would be amazed at what I have found. Already, I am constantly thinking of what would be a good song, and what wouldn’t be. It is so important that the songs compliment each other, the location, the people, and the moment. We’ve all been to weddings when a certain song has come on and cleared a room that is my biggest fear.

Most brides to be are thinking of their dresses and their flowers and their hair, my major concern is the music.

I will eventually share my play lists as they are created and finalized. I’ve also heard that rather than have one continuous play list, it is best to separate them. So there will be one for the Cocktail house, once for transition, one for dinner/reception, one for dancing/reception and so on. This is my favorite thing about my wedding thus far.

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