Sunday, May 3, 2009

Martha Martha Martha!

My BF and I went and saw a taping of The Martha Stewart Show on April 30th! The show won't air until May 11th, but incuded a segment on skin cancer, 3M Scotch All Natural cleaning products and pastry making with Chef Michele Roux! It was a great day in the city and a lot of fun to see Martha. We were given a copy of Michele Roux's new book "Pastry", a beach towel from Martha's new line for Macy's, and a ton of 3M Scotch brand cleaning products! All of which I can't wait to use (seriously!!).
The show is run very smoothly from lining up outside to seating the audience to leaving the show and gathering your free goodies. They even provide a complimentary food truck while you are waiting in line! Can't wait to go back! Check out the May 11th show for a potential glimpse of Janet and I!
Funny note... Martha makes a great comment about Moose in the segement on Adirondack Boat building. And.. Martha's stage manager Joey, I totally recognized him from when he used to work on Carson Daily a few years ago, of which I attended several show's when the Big Wu was the house band! Small world.

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