Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 2 - Blog Challenege

Day 2 – Favorite Movie

Welcome to Day 2 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Today’s blog topic: Favorite Movie. I like movies, but I am by no means a movie buff. In fact, I don’t like going to the movie theater and I rarely watch movies at home. Most of my movie watching is from back in my college days or when I would be “recovering” on the couch. Since I am no longer in college or really have very many “recovery” days needed, I just don’t watch too many movies. Fabulous Husband does, but I’m not really into the genre’s he is into, so I’m happy he doesn’t mind that I’m off doing other things while he is watching a movie.

I have a lot of movies that I love, that I would watch over and over, probably before I would even watch a new one, but I should narrow it down for the sake of this post.

Romantic movie: Sabrina (the remake)

I’ve seen the original; I still like the remake better. Who doesn’t love a good poor girl meets rich guy and falls for him but then rich guys brother falls for same girl and oh the drama that ensues…

Serious movie: The Quiz Show

I know, a weird pick, but I was young (in HS) and there was just something about Ralph Fiennes. Needless to say, I really enjoy this movie and I really enjoy all the subtext and subtle things that make the movie even more of a masterpiece.

And while we are on the subject of movies, let’s discuss some of my favorite movie snacks!

1. Muddy Bears – my ALLTIME favorite movie snack. Chocolate covered gummy bears. HELLO!?!?! Did you read that, CHOCOLATE covered gummy bears. LOVE THEM.
2. Twizzlers – and with your bag of twizzlers you need a sprite, then you can use one twizzler as a straw!
3. Milk Duds – so good, but so bad for your teeth.

Did I just say bad for your teeth? Ugh, I’m getting old.

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samantha7806 said...

i L-O-V-E the milk dud/buttered popcorn combo. salty AND sweet? yes, please!