Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cherry Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

Say that 3 times in a row!!!

One of my favorite bridal shower gifts has been my Kitchen Aid Ice Cream maker attachment. I have used it 3 times since we moved and I opened it. It’s relatively simple, you keep it in the freezer for 15+ hours, then pop it onto your mixer and mix your mix, freeze that for 3+hours and POOF! You are a regular Ben & Jerry! Okay maybe not just yet, but I’ve got high hopes. While at the big W I found some Rival Ice cream mixes and picked a few up on clearance.

Using Rival’s Cherry Vanilla mix, 4 cups of whole milk, my Kitchen Aide Ice Cream maker attachment as well as some fresh cherries and chocolate chunks, I created a very fabulous Cherry Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream.

Fabulous husband really liked this one as well. Sadly it just wasn’t the right taste to go with the cobbler. I’m really glad I bought two of these mixes because this one was delicious. However, I may try something other than whole milk. It wasn’t very creamy, and I think using a heavy cream or something like that would really improve upon it!

No final product pictures as I completely forgot and by the time I remembered, fabulous husband had finished it all.

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