Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Farmer's Market

One of the requirements for the location of our new house was that there be a farmer's market within a reasonable distance. Turns out the town over from us has one every Saturday starting mid-June. I have fallen in love with our Farmer's Market. It is more important to me this year because I was not able to plant a garden, and so I am completely relying on the local farmers to provide me with some outstanding Jersey produce. I hit pay dirt.
Aside from produce there is a local bakery that has the most amazing bread(s). There are farm fresh eggs, cheese, flowers, coffee, meat etc. It is sponsered by the Food Shed Alliance and they do a really amazing job. http://www.foodshedalliance.org/
One of my favorite participant's is Godlewsky Farms. Their produce is AMAZING! Everything but the peaches is from their stand. http://www.godlewskyfarms.com/

The peaches below are from Bests Fruit Farm. They are so juicy! Look for a peach cobbler recipe to be coming soon using them!
If you are ever in the area on a Saturday, be sure to check out the market: http://www.foodshedalliance.org/btownmarket_homepage.html

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